From Principal's Pen


Mrs.Sangeeta Hamal

Mount Everest Education Foundation

Mount Everest School is an independent, co-educational school, established in 1990 with the aim to provide students necessary educational and experience to set themselves up for their future career path. This school has completed a glorious history of 27 years and it has been thriving with the success of every student, whom we consider a valued member of our school. We are dedicated to make every students intelligent, innovative, responsible and capable to cope and overcome all the difficulties, and get focused to achieve their goals.

Our school is academically divided into three levels Pre Primary, Basic and Secondary. Teachers are competent enough to guide the students to achieve the academic and intellectual progress. We consider every students a unique individual with unique set of capacities and try to embrace their uniqueness in collaborative teaching and learning approach. Our highly trained staff use Montessori and other proven methodologies to help students grow socially, academically and physically. Our teachers and students regularly participate in TM (Transcendental Meditation) to stay more focused and stress free in order to improve skills and knowledge.


-To provide our students the education, that meets the need to be the leader of their generation.

-To equip with proper knowledge, skills and attitude to meet the demand of this century.

-To nurture students’ emotional, intellectual m, moral, social and physical dimensions and aspire them to become creative, compassionate and confident citizens.

-To produce capable, efficient and qualified human resources in every discipline.

-To contribute to the academic excellence of the nation in general in particular through non-governmental undertaking.

-To fulfil the academic aspiration of the local people at affordable financial cost.

Wrok Strategies:

-The introduction of scientific curriculum.

-English as a medium of instruction and communication.

-Qualified, well experienced and dedicated teaching staff.

-Strict standard of teachers’ and students’ discipline.

-Sufficient emphasis on extra-curricular activities to ensure the all-around development of the students.

-Providing improved teaching materials, audio-visual equipment, computers, library, laboratory, etc.

-Creative, Project Works, Research, Excursion, Field Trip and Experiment.

-Education through meditation.

-Leadership building and group work.

We have achieving very good results in the SLC examinations since 2053. In respect of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, our students have participated in different competitions and worn various national and international awards. The school family has special identify and quality. We call it the Mount Everest Culture. This culture includes the co-operation among teachers-teachers, students-students and teachers-students. No member of the school family overlooks any problem lying in from of him/her. Everybody respects the elder and loves the younger.